Thermal Spa 49135 Professional UV Gel Light Nail Dryer Review

Why the Thermal Spa 49135 is the Best Nail Dryer You Can Buy

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My Review of the Thermal Spa 49135 Professional UV Gel Light Nail Dryer

Look, I’m the type of girl who’s extremely active yet very frugal at the same time. When it comes to my nails, all I ask for is a nice looking manicure that still looks decent after a couple days.  I recently started a new job and wanted to have a more professional appearance at work. A friend recommended a new local spa that just opened which offered Shellac nail services. After researching shellac, I discovered it’s very durable and as easy to put on as regular nail polish. The only problem was the price! The initial service cost $48 and I would have to return every 2-3 weeks to upkeep. As a full-time student and part-time worker, I simply didn’t have the time (or money) to do this. The technician at the spa informed me that the price wasn’t cheaper because this type of service could only be done by professionals and that supplies were not available to purchase of the typical customer. Being the skeptic that I am, I decided a little research was in order.

cheap thermal spa 49135 nail dryerSo What Exactly IS the Best Nail Dryer?

That’s the question I was trying to answer. After visiting the CND Shellac website, I learned that they recommend their own U/V nail dryer to use with their brand of shellac. Obviously, the price was not cheap. After more research, I discovered a product called the Thermal Spa 49135 U/V Gel Light Nail Dryer. After reading a few reviews on Amazon (click to read them),  I decided it was worth a shot. If it worked well, I would save myself a ton of money that would have otherwise gone to the local spa. If it didn’t work, I could return it for a full refund. I’ve taken advantage of Amazon’s return policy a couple times and it was extremely easy.

Thermal Spa 49135 Professional UV Gel Light Nail Polish Dryer Review

First, let me qualify this by saying that I am by no means a professional nail technician. In fact, I recently just started doing my own manicures and pedicures. Let me just get to it and tell you that the Thermal Spa 49135 nail dryer is just so easy to use. All you need is a steady hand, a little patience, and the ability to follow simple directions. First, the CNC Shellac system is just as easy to put on as regular nail polish but it’s really important to follow the directions, especially curing time. The Thermal Spa 49135 nail dryer worked flawlessly to cure the CNC product! I was a little nervous when my nails were still a little tacky  at the end, but after I removed the tacky layer with alcohol (as the directions on the top coat package stated), the results were simply INCREDIBLE! The Thermal Spa nail dryer worked exactly as advertised and I saved a lot of money over the CND nail dryer.

thermal spa 49135 review

Any Negatives?

Here are the only negatives I could see about the product. First, the initial investment is a little pricey as I paid about $120 total for the nail dryer, CND base coat, CND Shellac, and CND top coat. But the fact is that I will make my money back after about two uses. Secondly,  the manicure process is a little more time-consuming that a normal manicure because of the curing time. But if you factor in driving and waiting at a professional salon, it’s still much faster overall. Finally, it’s imperative to follow all directions whenever you are using shellac products. If you do, the results will be amazing at a fraction of the cost of a spa visit.

Bottom Line

Do yourself a favor and just get it! Convince yourself it’s an early birthday gift or Christmas present if you have to. The Thermal Spa 49135 Professional U/V Gel Light Nail Dyer is simply the best nail dryer you can get at the best price.

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